Choosing an anniversary gift can be a daunting task. Especially for the couple who seems to have everything. For those who have been married many years, a typical well wishing card just won’t cut it. For those who have been married for what seems like forever, you must choose a unique gift they will cherish. A gift the couple knows you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about.

Perhaps choosing an old whiskey would be a good choice for a wedding anniversary gift. Even if the couple don’t drink, a bottle of whiskey from the year they were wed, will remind them of the most important day of their lives. Offering the couple a bit of nostalgia will mean the world to them. If you’re really getting into the spirit of things, pair it with a small version of their wedding cake. You can even place it in packaging that is the same colors they had at their wedding. You could also choose a whiskey that was served at the reception. You can also include a beautiful set of monogrammed shot glasses with the whiskey. There are many places to purchase old whiskey. You can go to websites and choose the year of the whiskey you choose to order. You can even choose the original label or a festive label that coordinates with the occasion. Depending on how much you wish to spend, throwing the couple an anniversary party and using the bottles of whiskey as party favors is a great idea also.


Choosing an old whiskey that coordinates with the year of a couple’s wedding, is a great gift for their wedding anniversary. They will appreciate the nostalgia. It will be as though they are experiencing something from their wedding day. They will love it and appreciate all the effort you spent finding them the perfect gift.