Different people have varying opinions regarding whiskey. Well, the truth is whiskey has a higher level of alcohol compared to beer and wine. It also comes in different varieties under sophisticated names. However, whiskey is worth the pursuit for a good time and an experience worth beholding.

Whiskey refers to distilled beer and like beer, whiskey is made from malted barley and other grains. What sets it apart from beer is the fact that whiskey is distilled to increase the alcohol levels. It is also aged in wooden barrels to balance the whiskey flavors. There are several known indicators of a good whiskey. Take a look at some of them

Consider the color


Whiskey is available in a color range from light golden to rich brown. The age and the malted grain content are two things that can be derived from the color. A darker color indicates that the whiskey is older and has a higher malted grain content. Holding out a plain white paper behind a glass of whiskey should help you see its real color.



Good whiskey always smells nice. Although each whiskey has its characteristic aroma, all good whiskeys have rich inviting aromas. If a deep breath into the whiskey glass leaves you contented, then that is a great whiskey and you should consider trying it out.



For whiskey, the older it is, the better it gets. As a whiskey ages in the wooden barrels, it absorbs the wooden flavors more. Additionally, the flavors become more balanced. As a result, when looking for a good whiskey, consider the older ones. Some whiskeys have their ages on the label while others do not. Older whiskeys are more viscous and therefore run slower on the walls of a glass when swirled.


Lastly, a good whiskey should taste great. To determine its taste, you should taste the whiskey with a mix of air in your mouth as well as when mixed with water. If the taste is consistent, then you have a good drink in your hands.

Although whiskey originates from different countries and bears different names, the principles and characteristics are the same. Though the manufacturing processes may differ slightly, the same characteristics define all good whiskeys.